About Business Listings

About Business Listings

A business listings service is available on this site to provide businesses engaged in all aspects of the oil and gas industry the opportunity to connect with the highly select group of readers who come to Niobrara News for information. The listing provides potential customers with your contact information and a description of the services and/or products you provide.


Please fill out the submission form to the fullest extent possible for a complete listing. Most fields except the image field are required. If there are fields that do not apply for whatever reason, type in a space in order to get past the requirement that the field not be empty. Select from either a free or paid package and proceed to checkout. Free listings will not need to complete a transaction process.

Payment is made through PayPal through either a PayPal account or a credit card. After successfully submitting your payment click on the link that brings you back to Niobrara News to complete the listing process and view your new business listing.

Paid Listing Benefits

Listings are preferentially placed with paid listings for the longest term at the top of the listings page, listings with shorter terms next, and then the free listings afterwards.

Free listings are only temporary for a 1 month period and are intended to give a business a chance to try the service  before committing to a longer term listing. As mentioned above paid listings are given priority display status according to the length of the listing term.

Business Listings must be renewed at the end of the term for the listing to continue being displayed.


If you experience any problems with the listings service please email support@niobraranews.net


Niobrara News reserves the right to cancel the listing of any business that is not in keeping with the theme of this site. If the need for this action was ever to occur, the paid listing fee would be refunded in full with a notice of why the listing was cancelled. Any free listing falling into this category would also be cancelled with a notice of the reason why.

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