Blog Rules

All thoughtful discussions are welcome and encouraged regarding the important and sometimes controversial topics discussed and alluded to on this site.
Respectful diversity of opinion is also wanted and encouraged in order to generate the discussion and dissemination of information.

User registration to make a comment is only required in order to keep down the spam that unfortunately occurs on blogs without this minimal level of accountability.

All posts and comments will automatically be edited for profanity. It is assumed that all comments will  have some relevance to the major theme of this site.  Comments or postings that are considered inflammatory, unreasonable, slanderous and are without technical or factual merit, or that are completely off topic, will be removed from this site by the Administrator.  Hopefully there will never be a need for this type of action.

Users who frequently abuse the privilege of posting their comments according to the Blog rules will be deleted after notification by the Administrator.

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