Niobrara News is proud to offer space on our site to businesses and organizations interested in promoting their company, their products, services and information to our readers.

Why should I advertise on Niobrara News?

Niobrara News has a very select audience of readers that may appeal to businesses that are involved in providing services, information and products that support all facets of the oil and gas industry as well as people that are affected by the development of these resources.

Advertising on Niobrara News will provide a cost effective method to this very select and targeted audience.  To view the statistics on our audience and see if advertising on Niobrara News is right for you, we invite you to download our latest Niobrara News Media Kit by clicking the link or using the QR Code below.

MediaKit_QR_CodeHow do I advertise on Niobrara News?

To advertise on the site all a potential advertiser needs to do is contact us and let us know what banner spot you are interested in. Please contact

Banner Ad Pricing

Banner ads are located on all of our pages at the top and on our sidebar. The sidebar is visible on every page and as such gets impressed with each click. A top banner ad due to its high visibility is priced higher than ads on the sidebar. Ads that are on pages available from our horizontal menu while not listed in our Media Kit, are priced according to the amount of traffic that visits that particular page, these spots are available upon request. The latest prices for banner ad spots can be found in our Niobrara News Media kit.

All banner pricing assumes the customer will supply the copy ready banner in suitable website ready format. If a customer desires, we can create, for a reasonable fee, a banner to your specifications for use in a banner spot. If you would like to create your own banner, see some hints below for helpful links.


To find the most up to date prices for the banner spots on the site please refer to our Niobrara News Media kit.  Banner ad spots are available on a first come first server basis. Please contact to find our the availability of our banner spots. The presence of an active banner in a spot you are interested does not necessarily mean the spot is not available, so please contact us with your questions.  We will be happy to let you know if a spot is available, or when it will become available.

Hints for Custom Banner Creation

  •  For custom banner creation of all standard banner sizes as well as custom sizes a free banner creation site is available that can create banners of 468×60 and for all sizes of banners available on Niobrara News can be found at We also highly recommend for making your own banner, a simple gif banner is available for free, but flash banners with nice transitions are available for a minimal fee.
  • Niobrara News will aid customers in the creation of customized banners for a reasonable fee. If interested in this service contact for a quote on your proposed banner.
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