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PRESS RELEASE: National Association of Royalty Owners Addresses Local Control Issues and Announces Colorado Conference on June 6-7

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ROYALTY OWNERS CALLS ON LOCAL CONTROL ADVOCATES TO CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES OF FRACKING BANS ON PROPERTY OWNERS Mineral interest owners’ point of view largely missing from oil and gas local control debate DENVER (May 12, 2014) – … Continue reading

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Hickenlooper offers new proposal on local control of oil and gas drilling

Ed Sealover – Reporter –Denver Business Journal – May 21, 2014 Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper offered a new proposal to stakeholder groups on Thursday for a bill that would allow local governments to impose setbacks, regulate noise and impose the “most stringent environmental standards … Continue reading

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Colorado energy ballot issues fight raises $5 million, led by industry

By Mark Jaffe – The Denver Post – 5/19/2014 As the war over ballot measures aimed at giving local government control over oil and gas drilling heats up, millions of dollars are already flowing into the battle. More than $5 million … Continue reading

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Anadarko Petroleum invests in reducing footprint, truck traffic in northern Colorado

Cathy Proctor – Reporter-Denver Business Journal With the prospect of about a dozen potential ballot proposals aimed at the oil and gas industry on Colorado’s November ballot,Anadarko Petroleum Corp. on Monday showed off its efforts to reduce and avoid environmental damage in its drilling, fracking … Continue reading

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At The Tip of the Shale Oil Revolution – The PDC Drill Bit

The shale oil revolution has been made possible due to the convergence of many innovative technologies such as horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and 3D seismic imaging to name a few.  One of the most overlooked innovative breakthroughs making the shale … Continue reading

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No consensus seen in Colorado’s oil & gas talks to avoid Polis-backed ballot measures

Ed Sealover – Reporter – Denver Business Journal A pair of meetings Tuesday in which Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper tried to find consensus on a bill to give local governments more control over oil and gas drilling as an alternative to grappling with several potential … Continue reading

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If you think all those fracking pipes are good for U.S. steel makers, you’re wrong

Kent Hoover – Washington Bureau Chief – Denver Business Journal America’s energy production boom is turning into a bust for the domestic steel industry because foreign companies are dumping steel on the U.S. market at below-cost prices. That’s according to a new report from … Continue reading

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Proposed oil and gas ballot measures are ‘stupid,’ former Colorado Gov. Romer says

Cathy Proctor – Reporter-Denver Business Journal – May 8, 2014 Former Democratic Colorado Gov. Roy Romer is succinct in summing up his thoughts on the myriad of proposed state ballot issues that, if approved by voters, will write new regulations into the state’s constitution … Continue reading

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