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Oilfields at Night – View from Space

There is a very interesting article on that shows labled views of some major oilfields at night.  The images show lights from drilling operations and natural gas flaring from some key oil fields in the world.  The images are … Continue reading

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EE3 LLC Completes Record Niobrara Horizontal Well in North Park Basin

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — EE3 LLC (the Company), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, today announced the highest reported 24-hour initial production rate of a horizontal Niobrara well drilled in the North Park Basin. The Hebron #3-12H … Continue reading

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WPX Energy completes No. 2 Niobrara producing well in the US. WPX’s first well was No. 1

Second Niobrara Shale Well Comes on at Nearly 12 MMcf/d Initial Discovery Well Hits 2 Bcf in Cumulative Production this year PRESS RELEASE –  10/28/13 – TULSA, Okla. – WPX Energy (NYSE:WPX) successfully completed its second well in the Niobrara … Continue reading

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Non-Andersonian Faulting – A Reservoir Paradigm Shift

Today at the Geological Society of America’s conference in Denver a presentation titled “NON-ANDERSONIAN FAULT ANALYSIS IN RESERVOIRS” was given by Seth Busetti of ConocoPhillips Structure and Geomechanics. The presentation centered on using a non-Andersonian solution to understand three dimensional … Continue reading

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Colorado oil and gas group plans long-term push on fracking

Cathy Proctor Reporter-Denver Business Journal The state’s newest oil and gas advocacy group, Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) is planning for the long haul: A multi-year campaign to inform the public about the industry, its practices and how its products … Continue reading

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Colorado drilling regulators to enforce fluids disclosures

By The Associated Press 10/18/2013 GRAND JUNCTION — Colorado oil and gas regulators are scheduled to take their first enforcement measures against companies for their suspected failure to fully comply with a rule requiring disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. … Continue reading

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ConocoPhillips reported to be letting Elbert Co. leases expire

Niobrara News readers in Elbert County have reported that ConocoPhillps (COP) has been letting their leases expire without invoking the provision that allowed COP to extend the leases for an additional 2 years by paying an additional sum equal to the … Continue reading

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A peek at DCP Midstream’s new $270M Colorado natural gas plant

Cathy Proctor Reporter-Denver Business Journal – October 16, 2013 Natural gas processing company DCP Midstream Partners LP has moved one step ahead of its customers — oil and gas companies producing record amounts of oil and natural gas in the rich fields north … Continue reading

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